Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Going all Clinton on Us...

It depends, I guess, on what "name' means...

Ok, I'm trying to bring myself up to speed on this whole Valerie Plame/CIA agent leak scandal like thing that seems to have inflamed just about everyone, especially the liberal bloggers who have unleashed a torrent of pithy T-shirts for sale on this very topic. (And they say they hate capitalism). Anyway, here's what I've picked up on so far.

Despite the best defense put out by administration officials, party loyalists and the like, this does not appear to be something that is going to go away anytime soon. The very arguments used by the GOP to attack the left (or far left) of undermining our defense seem ready to come home to roost against Bush and Co. Bottom line is that someone (allegedly Rove) leaked the name of a CIA agent (who happened to be the wife of a critic of the war in Iraq) that may be in violation of federal law. On top of that Bush has promised to fire those responsible. I may say many things critical of Mr. Bush, but one of his biggest strengths is that he is no Clinton or Gore. We're not supposed to have to parse out his words (which is so much easier as most of them are monosyllabic). At this point it appears that the line of defense the GOP is using is that the whole controversy boils down to what 'to name' means. The stuff scandals are made of.

The biggest barometer of if Rove did or did not do what is alleged will come when the special prosecutor closes the case or files charges. What and listen people. If the administration or their allies start trying to paint the investigator ala the dems did to Kenneth Starr, then they're running scared.

GOP on offense in defense of Rove

Per Novak, who wrote the original article, there are actually two high-level admin sources, and he's not actually named Rove in public as either one.

I don't know, but that may turn out to be important even if the current fixation is on Rove.
It makes me long for the days when we were all in a rage over "I did not have sexual relations with that woman...Ms. Lewinski.

Novak is an arrogant bastard.
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