Friday, July 01, 2005


Movie of the Week, Week

The Day After and So Much More....

Last night I caught the very delicious made for TV movie, The Day After. Remember it? It was a nuclear holocaust movie that was released during the hight of the nuclear freeze movement back in 1983. At the time it came out (I was 12 or 13) it seemed it seems less scary and a little melodramatic.

Tonight it's the classic Sybil with Sally Field. I remember my post-hippie psych teacher in High School making us all watch it. Then after words in a 'rap' session, her going on and on about some friend in college who took LSD and "gouged here eyes out with the sharp end of a paint brush." (That should have been a movie of the week to..) It was all very 'Heathers'.

Anyway, the previews for Sybil shows Sally Field talking to her therapist. The therapist respondes, "Would you like a crying towel?". Could there be a better qoute?! This weekend try to use it on someone you love. e.g....

"Hey, are there any more corn on the cob holders?"

"No, I' m sorry. Would you like a crying towel?"

Sadly, I missed the very best movie of them all...The Boy in the Plastic Bubble. Alas!

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