Tuesday, August 16, 2005


2008: A Third Party Victory?

Lost Dems, Nutty GOP open the door to 3rd Party Ticket

That's the very scenario that Elephant and his colleagues have been discussing as a potential outcome for the 2008 presidential election. The GOP is increasingly beholden to the extreme right (the Dobson-Robertson Axis) who are so absolutist and out of step with most Americans that they'll put forward a GOP candidate who, for many of us in the middle, will be damaged goods. Ideally their best bet would be a George Allen candidacy, but Frist has been their boy for some time and he'd be a terrible candidate.

On the left it seems that the Dems. are still in the wilderness, trying to find their voice. Are they progressive (as many of their activists base members are...think dailykos, moveon.org, etc.) or are they New Democrats in the Clinton/Clinton mode? Either way, they need to find a message that's better than George Bush sucks (really we didn't notice?!) and we'll raise your taxes. Their best bet seems to be Hillary. (And if you ask me, if the only people we can run for office are the sons of former presidents or their wives, then we're in pretty bad shape.

Anyway, the alienation of the middle by the big government, big brother GOP dominated by Bush/Robertson/Dobson, huge deficits, a lingering Iraq problem, and $4/gal gasoline will hurt the GOP. The Dems will be hurt by their general lack of direction. Both sides will be hurt by the larger perception and weariness of the public over gutter politics and campaigns based on fear...(GOP-Fear the Gays, immigrants!/Dems-Fear the Brownshirt GOP!Fear God in politics).

That opens the door for a third party or unity ticket. Perhaps McCain-Kerry, or Giuliani-Clinton or some such combination. A ticket that cuts through the crap of fear politics (aka- Rove's classic divide and conquer) and puts up a ticket that is focused on fixing health care, cutting spending, and making the massive government aparatus more responsive and accountable.

Perhaps it's wishful thinking on my part, but both parties seem rather tired and increasingly aloof from their base. Back in 1992 we felt the same way and if Ross Perot hadn't gone kooky on us, he very well could have won. We shall see, we shall see. But don't be surprised when other more reputable outlets start talking about this too- just remember you heard it here first!....

I'd like to see a unity ticket, or my own party (mostly abandoned...I'm such a fair-weather friend, it seems) finally make a good run.
Mostly a unity ticket, though.
America Needs A Unity Ticket!
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