Friday, August 12, 2005


Weekend Reading:

Winds of War Edition

Well, oil prices our skyrocketing, Iran's going for the Bomb and Lil' Kim already has it, Iraq is unstable, Congress in pushing our country into bankruptcy and the Rolling Stones (or as Drudge says..The Strolling Bones) are touring again. With the prospects of surging energy costs, hig deficits and a wider against etremism...a real possibility...I'm dedicating this week end reading to the god-aweful miniseries...The Winds of War. If I were brighter I'd figure out a way to tie in even worse mini series like The Thorbirds or Samuri...but it's hot and I'm kind of dumbish...Enjoy!

Perils at the pump
Oil prices hit yet another record this week, on fears of political instability in the Middle East and refining problems in America. So far, the world economy has managed to chug along without much ill effect. But how long can consumers go on paying ever more at the pump without cutting back elsewhere? And why aren’t high prices bringing new supplies to market?

Trade Deficit Up As Oil Imports Hit High
WASHINGTON -- America's trade deficit increased sharply in June as surging oil prices pushed the cost of petroleum imports to an all-time high. The politically sensitive deficit with China also set a record.

Iran resumes atomic work, escalates crisis
Iran' resumed work at a uranium conversion plant on Monday, fanning Western fears it may be seeking nuclear weapons and defying EU warnings that it could be referred to the
U.N. Security Council for possible sanctions.

Stones Surprise Toronto
After a month of rehearsals in Toronto in preparation for their world tour, which launches August 21st at Boston's Fenway Park, the Rolling Stones gave the city a big thank you last night by performing an eighty-minute, rootsy set for 1,100 fans at the Phoenix Concert Theatre. People had been lined up down the street since Tuesday to snatch up the bargain $10 tickets for the show, filmed for a reported DVD.

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