Thursday, August 11, 2005


Will 2006 be the next 1939?

An unstable world....

Like the article about the cold war posted below, it's increasing becoming apparent that as we move farther and farther from the U.S. v. U.S.S.R. bi-polar world of the past 1/2 century, we are moving into unstable, scary-assed times as a new structure emerges. We've got the terror-related non-state actors (Al Qaida), the despots (Chavez, Lil' Kim [DPRK], Iran's Mullahs, the House of Saud, et. al.)

China and India's rise seem to have set off a global scramble for energy, with oil prices hitting record levels by the day. Oh, Iran has elected a student/hostage taker from 1979 as their president and want the bomb, North Korea has it, and we're bogged down in a war of choice in Iraq. GEESH! The U.S. Airline industry is on the verge of collective collapse (in five years we'll only be able to stop at Wal-Mart and fly Southwest-THE HORROR!), and it costs something like $500 to fill up our gas tanks.

This is all a far cry from the equally unreal bubble economy days of the go-go-90s. But given a choice, I'll stick with the later.

Oil has yet to hit problematic height

Europeans to Urge Iran to Resume Suspension of Atom Program (and if that doesn't work, they'll do even more urging...that's what Eurpeans do)

Chavez: the US is the "most savage, cruel and muderous empire" in world history (Hugo, the world's littlest dictator...seems to me he's an aweful lot like General Noriega...but with slightly better skin... Oh and Hugo, don't ya think you're being a little harsh?)

Rolling Stones release new album, announce tour.
(Dear God, stop this Horror! The Stone's rocked up to about Tatoo You, but know this is just sad).

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