Thursday, August 18, 2005


Oh Brave New World!

$3/gal gas arrives in DC!

Despite the hopes of the local news outlets, most of us (especially me, I take mass transit most places) have been quitely sucking it up when it comes to the new price bench marks that gasoline is hitting daily. I saw my first $3/gal sign today.

But the local news is going into complete tizzy mode. The headline on the news radio channel this morning was "We're mad as hell and were not going to take it anymore." They then went on to interview people on the street who were mostly saying..."Well, it does suck, but what can you do?". The news folks seem to be eager for gas lines (like these in China) or perhaps a string of 'gas and go' robberies that will help spice up there otherwise lifeless and useless reporting.

But most of us will just shrugg it off, complain about the 'government' and the Saudis and maybe (gasp!) drive a little less. The local news will continue to foster revolt, but that too will fade away when fall approaches and they start telling me to wear a hat because it's cold outside....

You've gone witty of late, E...lots of fun to read :P Better be careful, or you'll spoil your party's rep as boring, curmudgeony sticks in the mud.
Thanks man, Thanks! :)
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