Friday, August 19, 2005


Our Children IS learning!

I believe the children are the future..

Wow! This week has seen one journalistic milestone after another in our local papers. First we had the Post do a breakthrough piece on August traffic and now, the much maligned Washington Examiner does an insightful and shocking piece on the impressions of a DC intern from Ohio. Her observations cut to the quick and go to show that our children is learning.

Her thoughts:

Who says the youth of today are self absorbed morons. This young woman was here for just two months and she seems to have blown our cover as a city filled with friendly, beautiful, and hip young people. This intern also mentioned that she's looking forward to writing her senior thesis, tentatively entitled, "War, what is it good for."

An intern looks back on summer


P.S. I love "Heathers".
For a generation of Americans there is only one conclusion when you hear Ohio and Mineral water...

Of course it's probably all because of those MTV video games...
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