Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Prelude to a Bad Month

A Bleak September

If the prospect of Congress coming back into town wasn't depressing enough, consider the parade of horribles that await us in September.

First, Oil prices continue to climb to record levels with only the earliest reports of damage in New Orleans and the Gulf, already there is talk of gas shortages. $80 Oil by Friday!

Even with early reports in, Katrina looks to outdo Hurrican Andrew in terms of damage, already the response of Federal and State goverments has been underwhelming, the initial response will be inadequate and recriminations will start by the end of the week. (intial response to Andrew- 36,000 national guardsmen, Katrina - 3,600).

Second, Iraq continues to fester, with enthnic tensions ready to explode into all out civil war as the failed constitutional process limps forward. Someone please fire Rumsfeld?!

Bush's slow leadership on all these issue will continue to cause his poll numbers to plummet into record low territory, sadly, this is totally unnecessary. (Se posting below).

The always fun, but never useful, Supreme Court Nomination process gets started in a week.

And New Orleans may be destroyed after all, Toxic Gumbo arrives, Marshall Law Declared!

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