Monday, September 12, 2005


Some Good(ish) News


Well Congress passed a $51 billion dollar supplemental bill to fund ongoing efforts in New Orleans. Seems that they will try to plug the holes in the levies with stacks of cash. The death toll (which strangely we're not hearing much about) looks like it will not top five digits, but either way is still tragic. The airport is reopening to some commercial traffic, although other than media, rescue folks and national guard, I don't know who would go to NOLA right now.

The long haul is still frought with challenges. If it takes months to get things back to were folks can return, how many will? Will returning residents and business be able to obtain afforadable insurance for flood/business interruption. Will the tens of thousands of mostly poor evacuess stay in Texas and mess up Tom Delay's redistricting? We shall see.

Either way, the story has now gone for minute by minute coverage to a longer story arc. There will still be lots to discuss, but events will play out over a longer time frame.

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