Monday, September 19, 2005


This Answers My Question

There will be no Hurricane A.Aaronson

In coversation this weekend, the topic of the weather service running out of names for hurricanes came up. And as we are already in the Rs it isn't a silly topic. I speculated that like DC, whose street names start at the Capitol with A St., B St., C St.,...then move on to names begining with A, B, C, then names with A-A, B-B, etc. So, perhaps we would get to see Hurricane A. Aaronson or something...

Turns out if we run out of names, then we revert to the greek alphabet...which, as a result of pleging a fraternity many years ago, I can recite three times before a matchstick burns my fingers. (Thank you sir may I have another...) But that's another story...

Here's the skinny on Hurricane Names....

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