Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Tom Delay

I will block any hearings on Federal Accountability

That's what CNN is reporting. Delay is not just opposed to firing Chertoff or Brown, he's opposed to any hearing that would examine where accountability lies for the criminally negligent federal response to Katrina.

Funny how things like gay marriage or Terri Schaivo are such a threat to our national security that they require a federal response, numerous hearings, and total preemption of state perogatives on the matter, but a natural disaster that has destroyed an entire city and possibly killed 1,000's..eh..That's a bottom up thing.

How far can they spin this and still expect a rational person to by this. This is beyond Orwellian. It's the Simpson's episode where Lisa becomes a vegetarian. Alarmed by her independent thought, the school brings in a movie by the meat council.

Lisa: They don't expect us to buy this tripe?!

Principal Skinner: And now from the meat council...Free Tripe!

(The Class cheers, eats tripe)...

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