Wednesday, October 26, 2005


DC Invokes Eminent Domain

To Build A Stadium

Hmm...First off, I'm totally against public financing of a baseball stadium. The benefits are dubious and if I as a tax payer have to help build a stadium so the Nationals owners can make a profit, why can't the tax payer help me build a factory or something. Big waste-o-money.

But to make matters worse, the government is using its powers of eminent domain to seize the property from current owners. Eminent domain, at least before the Kelo case, was supposed to be used for taking a persons land for use in the public good. Roads, metro lines, hospitals, etc. While we all enjoy a great day at the ballpark, having the government deprive us or our personal property to build a stadium just doesn't do it for me...even if the compensation paid to the owners of the seized property is fair.

But alas, I'm probably in the minority on this issue.

I totally agree with you on this issue! You've the best blog I've stumbled across so far. I'm bookmarking your site I like what you've written, even though your republican.
Thanks Bob,

I know that a stadium is a bit differnt from what they were trying to do in New London in Kelok, but between the gross reciepts tax to pay for the stadium and the makes no sense...
Oh and Bob,

Perhaps we agree so much because I grew up and spent my first 24 years in Michigan...
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