Friday, October 21, 2005


Weekend Reading:

Rock-Tober Edition

Fall weather finally arrived in DC this week. Nightime temps as low as 48 degrees and trees begining to turn colors. As usual, the local top 40 radio stations have deemed it "Rock-Tober" and offer an array of local concerts to celebrate. I like the sound of that "Rock-Tober" although I can't remember a time recently when I thought a band 'rocked'. But never-the-less, it meets the requirement, a catchy title for this week's edition of Weekend Reading. Enjoy!

GM and Ford in need of a big overhaul
General Motors and Ford have both reported heavy losses. GM has also announced a breakthrough in negotiations with its unions that will reduce the firm’s crippling health-care liabilities, while Ford says “significant” plant closures are on the way. Both firms need a radical overhaul to avoid bankruptcy

After the Home Run, a White House Balk?
Two months after engineering a nearly flawless confirmation process for Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., the Bush administration's bid to add Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court has been so riddled with errors, stumbles and embarrassing revelations that some lawmakers and other observers find it hard to believe it emanates from the same White House.

Post-Rove thinking under way at White House
At 7:30 each morning, President Bush's senior staff gathers to discuss the important issues of the day -- Middle East peace, the Harriet Miers nomination, the latest hurricane bearing down on the coast. Everything, that is, except the issue on everyone's mind.

Louisiana Squanders Bond Money...(How shocking!)
As Louisiana officials plead for federal hurricane relief aid, a state money panel agreed Thursday to spend nearly $45 million on construction projects ranging from health labs and water wells to a sports complex and livestock facilities.

Chavez warns U.S. against invasion
Poor Hugo! You can only wish and dream you were this important. I doubt Bush even knows who you are. Of course you can see how Pat Robertson's comments aren't helping the situation any.

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