Tuesday, October 18, 2005


A Long, Slow Implosion

And I'm Still Bored...

So much is happening here in DC right now, the mires confirmation battle, the plane leak investigation, bubbling corruption issues involving key Republican leaders..In other words, business as usual. Unfortunately, the slow implosion of the GOP super-majority, and its continued lack of accomplishments have left me feeling a bit disengaged. I gave up on this administration before the last election, and it looks like a lot of Americans are now seeing the light. George Bush is a folksy man of the people, apparently much in the same vein as former President Jimmy Carter.

Seriously, to what end has the so called republican revolution taken us to? A trumped up war that we don't seem to be fighting to win?, Massive federal spending (in a budget with "no fat")?, ineffective federal agencies run by cronies? For those of you who are still true believers, I need some bucking up. (and saying Bush is better than Kerry would be is not encouragement, it is an excuse).

Having worked for the GOP shortly after they won the House, I had high hopes that they'd take the accomplishments of the Clinton Administration (budget surplus, booming economy, shrinking and more effective government) to the next level. Sadly they seem to have taken it backward to some time around Tammany Hall. The drift we are seeing now will likely continue in the months ahead, leaving little on the agenda to inspire. I'm holding out hope that the President will make a major push for his guest worker program next year. That'd be exciting. But big ideas seem to be followed by ham-handed execution with this bunch, so my enthusiasm is tempered.

Don't Blame Me, I voted for Kodos.

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