Friday, October 14, 2005


Free Tripe!

It's getting harder and harder to watch this Administration

I caught the President's little 'chat' with the troops yesterday, and it hurt. I am shocked that such events are staged? No, that's pretty much what you get with any press conference. But I am shocked at just how pathetic the whole thing came off. The President, apparently in need of affirmation, even told the troops that he bet they knew who he was..and I am sure they all thought..."Yeah, your the *sshole who keeps Rummy around, that mofo Sec-Def couldn't win a war against France." But fortunately, they seem to have kept their real thoughts to themselves. What we got was some banter that was about as natural as those celebrity presenters at the Grammys.

Seriously, is there anyone left out there that thinks the President still has his 'swagger?'. And whose cockamamie idea was it to do this little press event? More and more it is all symbolism over substance (not uncommon in politics mind you), but you'd at least expect the conservatives to be able to fight a decent war. Behind the scenes right now must be very painful, 'cause I can't imagine that the past few weeks are the result of cooperation and deep thinking within the administration staff. Worse for the President is that as we get into an election year, more and more senior staff, and lower staff with talent, will be making their exodus from the White House to find jobs and opportunities for themselves in the post Bush-era, so the talent pool ain't gonna get any deeper.

And thus, my dreams of what could have been with this administration continue to die on the vine...

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