Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Complete Meltdown?

Dark clouds on the Horizon...

Dude, I'm not one to fall for idle gossip, but did you all catch the President and Matt Lower? Yeah, Matt's a meat head, but Bush looked terrible....all flip and stumbly. May loyal assistant in the office asked, Elephant look at Bush's nose...are those Gin Blossoms? (broken cappilaries associated with drinking...think Ted Kennedy).

Anyway, while I'd hate to think the our leader is off the wagon (or on the wagon or whatever), it would be a comforting excuse for the continued meltdown of administration. Cheney's been awol, Bush has been inconsistent at best, Rove is staying under the radar, and the whole Harriet Meirs thing is spinning out of control. Throw a couple additional indictments into the mix (Frist, Rove, Scooter Libby) and we'll be in full crisis mode.

It's stunning how quickly we've gone to a potential future dominated by the 'values voters' into one that looks as if the next three years will be one policy fiasco after another. Miers nomination is in trouble, the Bush agenda is dead in the water, it appears that the iron triangle within the White House (Bush-Rove-Cheney) has been broken and the evidence of this meltdown is becoming increasingly apparent. We all expected (or feared) great things from this GOP majority and what were getting is bloated arrogance from Congress, and inept cronyism from the White House. We can hope for better, but I have a feeling that in the next few months things are going to get a lot worse.

Will it help the Dems? I'm not certain. They'll pick up some seats in the House for sure, but their message and vision is just as fractured as the Republicans. Seems to me that fair minded folks on both sides of aisle need to send a wake up call to our politicians to get on the ball and focus on our future....and they will if we don't fund their campaigns unless they address policy issues rather than this ongoing partisan bullsh$t.

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