Tuesday, October 11, 2005


The Trouble with Harriet

So Many Questions

Well the whole Harriet saga goes on and on here in DC. Some of my board members where I work actually know her quite well and have a great deal of respect for her abilities. She is, they say, a solid conservative (not surprising) with some moderate tendencies, but she is a conservative.

What I continue to find amazing and amusing is how quickly things change in terms of position and rhetoric. Remember my impassioned pleas just months ago against conservative efforts to force through any Bush nominee, even if that meant limiting the filibuster? Now the possibility exists that the conservative activists (who were pushing to end the filibuster) will actually use the filibuster?! Sweet, sweet irony...

Better yet is how James "Jesus love me" Dobson has been out shooting his mouth off saying he knows things about Meirs he can't share....Again, he's probably being boastful about how important he is (pride goeth before the fall Jimmy!), but Senator Spector is calling his bluff and will ask him to testify..he, he... I'm guessing he'll be all like...uh...I don't know nothin'.

And so it goes, the business of America's politics rolls on in its usual, dignified manner....

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