Monday, October 10, 2005


A Public Speaking Nightmare


I'm consistently told that I'm a decent public speaker. My sense of humor, my ability to talk in plain english about what's going on in DC and in the courts, gets me lots of invites and kudos from my member/clients. But yesterday after participating in a rousing discussion of legal and legislative issues, the unthinkable happened.

Usually when I speak the groups are rather small, in the 20 to 40 range. So I don' need to use a mike. But this group was close to 100 folks, so a microphone was in order. My hosts had provided a nice set up, including a lapel microphone. (Can you see where this is going?). So I delivered my first presentation, got a lot of questions and then snuck off to check my voice mail during the second speakers time. Only, I didn't turn off the lapel mike! The HORROR! I didn't pull a Homer Simpson and use the bathroom or anything mortally embarrassing. I simply went to the receptionist and asked if it was ok to use my cell phone in the lobby (I was at a private club and they often ban cell phones). So my question was broadcast into the conference room, interrupting the current speaker....the former speaker of the Texas House of Representatives. My Bad!

Thank goodness the only thing that got transmitted was "May I use my cell phone in the lobby?". It could have been much worse...."Urinal Cake Eroding! Eroding! Gone!"....

I gave a second presentation later that morning and joked that it was merely an example of being aware of privacy issues 'cause you never know who's listening. But yes, it still hurts.


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