Wednesday, October 05, 2005


A Note from Housekeeping


Well, I must say that I had a very pleasant trip to America's Dairyland. Folks in Wisconsin are so painfully nice, and every meal is accompanied by some form of cheese. In fact there was a major dairy expo in Madison while I was there and rumors were swirling around the Hilton that the International Butter Queen was staying in my hotel, although I didn't see the security detail one would expect to be accompanying such royalty....perhaps they were undercover.

Anyway, when I checked into my room there was a sweet and somewhat sad hand written note from the housekeeping staff. It read.

"Thank You for Tayng with Us!, Housekeeping"

I pondered for sometime over the author of this enigmatic message. Was she functionally illiterate or perhaps was English her second language? It haunts me still.

During hunting season in Wisconsin, they have to paint the word "COW" on the cows so they won't be shot by mistake. Nodding head.

Washington Cube Was Here. #173
Sweet! Growing up in the Midwest, not only would we get the first day of rifle season off from school, but inevitably there would be a case of school buses getting shot by mistake...
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