Wednesday, October 05, 2005



I leave town for two days and...

Wow, leave DC for a second and the hijinx begins. I'm so bummed I missed the initial buzz, and in some cases fury, over President Bush's surprise selection of Harriet Miers as the next Supreme Court justice. Mostly, I just find it ironic that for the past year we've heard folks on the far right say time and time again that President Bush has the right to nominate who ever he pleases, and if the democrats filibuster any nominee, we should get rid of the filibuster, 'cause you know, the President has the ultimate discretion in selecting the nominee he deems best.

Oh how some of these folks are now singing a different tune! Ms. Miers, who has an impressive background (although no judicial experience) has long been a moderate and even supported Democratic candidates like Llyod Benson and (ugh) Al Gore. So the same folks who were claiming that Bush could nominate who ever he wanted, my find themselves in the position of opposing the his selection. He he! Although, Mme. Drudge is reporting that Harriet converted to the GOP when she found Jesus..(sigh didn't we all- Jesus loves war, the death penalty, tax cuts and deficit spending). Anyway, just when I think I can completely write of Bush, he goes and pulls a maverick move like this, alienates his base, and gets me all teary eyed.

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