Thursday, September 29, 2005


Rotten to the Core?

Still no Answers regarding iPod

Apple customer support lines are jammed, and I certainly hope that most of the callers feel the way I do about the trickery of iTunes 5.0. While apple is certainly allowed to update thier products and under no obligation to support older models, a little disclaimer letting me know that if I downloaded iTunes 5.0 I would no longer be able to listen to the more than 300 songs I've purchased from the iTunes library would have been nice.

Seriously, at this point what I do know is that it is very possible that for my patronage of their services, Apple has left me with two choices: 1) I can spend another $200 to $300 dollars to purchase a new iPod or 2) I can accept that I can no longer listen to the $300 of music I've purchased from them on my iPod.

What boggles my mind is that I can't imagine this will go down well with the million or so other people who have the same version of iPod as me. Yes, many products are improved year in and year out. Cars, blenders, computers, etc. But it doesn't mean that at the end of a year or two the company calls your house and deactivates the product...does it? Am I missing something?
Will the folks with iPods more than two years old simply shrug and go off and spend another wad of cash on a new iPod that may only be good for two years? I don't think so.

The shine may be off the apple folks, and you heard it here first.

Hmph. So manyv disappointments lately- iPods, TAR, TiVo...

I'm concerned that any day now Starbucks will announce they have replaced their delicious winter drink, the gingerbread latte, with warm Tang.

I think at this point it is inevitable...

And of course there is only one food to eat with warm Tang(TM) and that is hot tuna.
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