Wednesday, September 28, 2005


The Great iPod Rip-Off!

iTunes 5.0's dirty little secret

Ok, regular readers of this blog will note I've been singing iPods praises for the last two years. I purchased my ipod in 2003 and despite being 2 years old, the battery life is still pretty good and I use it daily. But what Apple Computers doesn't tell you is that when you download iTunes 5.0 you can no longer down load your purchased music to your iPod. Prior to downloading the new version I had roughly 1,000 songs on my iPod, while those 1,000 songs are still in my library on my computer, they will no longer download to my iPod. Donkey had the same problem and when he called technical support, they told him that he basically had to buy a new iPod if he ever wanted to listen to the music he purchased from the iTunes music store again, after all, according to the Apple support person, a two year old iPod is ancient. WTF!

I didn't believe Donkey when he told me, so I foolishly downloaded iTunes 5.0 and guess what...same problem. I'm on hold with customer support right now and this better not be true, if it I have three words for Steve Jobs...Class Action Lawsuit.

My strong reccomendation for those with iPods right now is DO NOT DOWNLOAD iTunes 5.0. If you do you will be totally screwed. Leave it to Corporate America to make such a boneheaded move. Remember the iPod battery issue? It cost Apple millions in a class action, and now its being reported that the dreamy iPod Nano is a piece of crap. Oh September, why are you so cruel!

Oh yes, don't buy an iPod!

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