Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Porkbusters: Louisiana to America: F.U.!

Congressional Delegation Request is Insulting...

Well, the feds dropped the ball and the American public opened their wallets and homes to the refugees from New Orleans and elsewhere along the Gulf Coast. This week, the Louisiana Congressional Delegation put forward a shameful request for more than $40 billion dollars as the first installment of reconstruction money from the American taxpayer. Why shameful?

Well, the request is filled with previously rejected proposals that ranked as some of the biggest boondoggles by the government. Oh yeah, and the money would be turned over to a 'commission' of appointed state folks who would decide how it was spent. The request was a joint effort by the Louisiana Congressional Delegation, made up of both Republicans and Democrats and both should be ashamed at putting their greed ahead of the public good.

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