Monday, September 26, 2005


If it is Sunday...

This must be Pittsburgh

Okay, my weekend was cut short by a brief business trip to Pittsburgh to deliver a speech. Still got work done on the shed (Blogger isn't posting pics right now, so look for a shed update later), but not as much as desired due to having to work on Sunday.

Pittsburgh is a fine city. Really dramatic entering downtown from the airport as you take the highway through a tunnel and emerge to the shining down town. Pretty cool. It is a bit depressing though to see the abandoned steel mills along the river (what's left of them) and other than the central business district, there ain't much left in the inner city. In years gone by the folks who worked in the mills along the river would live up in the hills above. Long stairways would connect the neighborhoods to the factory areas. The stairs, now crumbling, are still there and you can see them along the road as you drive. I was imagining folks trudging up and down carrying their lunch pails (with sardine sandwiches) heading off to a hard days work at the mill.
Not much, if any, steel made in Pittsburgh anymore. Most steel produced in the U.S. is actually "new steel", which is just recycled steel from old cars and such...

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