Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Only In DC

FEMA Director, Resigns in shame, but hired as consultant...

I've had the FEMA hearings on C-SPAN running in the background as I work in my office today. All I can say about Mike Brown is that he's a complete and total ass. His main mistake in handling the hurricane?

"...I did not set up a system of media briefings which I should have done as that would have required less of my time than responding to all the requests for interviews."

Yup, that and those pesky, incompetent state and local officials. But in a move that is an only in DC type of thing, Mr. Brown, who resigned in disgrace, has been hired by FEMA as a consultant to find out what went wrong. What other line of work, besides the largess of the federal government, would this type of thing happen?

Your tax dollars at work and the results of the GOP's mission for an effective, accountable government.

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