Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Amateur Hour

Karen Hughes, David Drier, Roy Blunt...

Oh my, what a wonderful day for those of us who like to see our representatives in Washington put in a rare day of actual work.

Tom Delay has been de-railed, for now as house majority leader (Don't count him out yet, he's one tough mofo). He was replaced, for ten seconds or so with the very, very, very single...cough 'gay?' cough Rep. David Drier. But then someone on the far right looked up the term 'committed bachelor' and began mumbling something about The Odd Couple, Ernie and Bert or something and called Hastert. Before Drier could crack a smile, he was (pardon the pun) out. The job now goes to Roy Blunt..who's not nearly as interesting as his name might suggest.

Oh and Karen Hughes has an epiphany that her job of spinning our way out hatred in the Middle East might require more than just talking points.

He, he...

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