Thursday, October 06, 2005


Fall from Grace

Bush in Trouble...Big Time...

Okay, I guess I am a softie, I generally abhor concentrations of power and exhibitions of hubris, which have pretty much characterized the Administration for the past five years. Now I find the President's sudden and quick fall from grace a reminder that even when a leader is at an apparent zenith of his power, you just never now how quickly the fall will come. But it looks like it is fast approaching.

First, the greatest irony of all is that for the past three years we've heard the social conservatives remind us how the president has the power to appoint who ever he wants to the Supreme Court, and if the Dems were to block that right, then we need to override the tradition of the filibuster to let him appoint whoever he wants. Now just months after the epic battle over the filibuster (saved by the brave 'Gang of 14"), we're looking at a situation where the Republican majority may not rubber stamp the president's choice, and could even filibuster it if there are enough votes of moderates and Dems to push it through. Yes, very delicious isn't it?!

Next, yesterday the Senate voted to curb the discretion of DOD on the inexcusable treatment of detainees in our custody in the War on Terror. 90 to 9 was the vote. It came after a continued series of allegations (most recently the gore for porn scandal) that began back with prison abuse scandal. A bold and decisive move by the Senate and one that the President has threatened to veto. (He won't, he's never vetoed anything)..but it puts him in an odd position of either supporting torture, or taking the high road.

Finally, as you've been reading in other blogs, indictments of White House staffers in the Plame-scandalette, are looming...and it could go as high as La Rove himself. That coupled with the Delay indictments and the Frist insider trading issues (not to mention the Ohio GOP coin-gate and other state issues) and you've got yourself some perception problems....

Bush is increasingly becoming the GOP's Jimmy Carter. Everyone thinks, more or less, that Jimmy Carter is a hell of a guy - an ordained minister, his work with Habitat for Humanity, etc. I know I do, but he wasn't a great President. If I had to make a prediction today on where Bush would land in the annals of History, I'd say smack dab in the middle of Polk and Carter. I think he can do better, but I increasingly think that maybe he just isn't up to the task.

Having not met many republicans except members of my family who neither read nor write more than absolutely required, and having not met any who work within tactical missle range of the beltway [and not that I ever would meet many on the side of the information-super-sidestreet where I e-picket the present administration], I find your blog absolutely fascinating.

And, re this particular post, a question about whose realities really matter.
With liberals and progressives of various stripes, the fall from grace ended with a soft thud long ago. The fall from grace that matters is: what political capital has he left to spend? I watch now, keenly watching for signs that NOW, now that reasonable Republicans find flawed choices and flawed execution in the executive too much to ignore, is that the moment the claims of mandate blow away like dust? Will it be more gradual? What will take its place as the mode and motif of presidential action?

I look to see if a person in your position really knows more about what WILL happen or the climate at least in which it will happen. So many of us seem to know what should happen and nothing comes of that.

Sometimes I may know what will happen, but usually it involves issues related to my work, so I tend not to discuss those things. Generally, I tend to use my blog to moan and say, "Dude, you all got the majority and you're wasting it!..."

There was a time, when the GOP was in the minority, that working with them was a joy, they meant what they said about ending big government, making federal agencies more accountable, and fighting wars to win. My how things change when you're the majority. As someone who used to help craft and distribute the party 'talking' points, it's fun to sit back and watch the garbage they keep throwing at the wall lately.

Anyway, glad you found something you like here..hope you come back again.
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