Thursday, October 13, 2005


Another New iPod!

TV on an iPod...Dreamy...but...

Ok, I do think the new iPods are pretty dreamy, but I don't think the process goes far enough to warrant an upgrade at this point. What is interesting and potentially revolutionary is the ability to buy TV shows from the iTunes site, great idea! Unfortunately, only five shows (mostly sucky) will be available in the near term. It's a start, but hopefully production companies will follow through and make movies and more tv shows available in the future, that'd be enough to get me on board.

Funny thing, it seems that Apple is in touch with the massive shift in TV viewing. I for one, don't really watch much TV anymore. Most of the current crop of shows aren't that good...and even my favorite, The Amazing Race, is currently in the midst of a totally unwatchable family edition. However, I do use my TiVo to pick up some shows, like HBO' s Rome and at Midgie's suggestion I purchased and am currently enjoying season one of the new Battlestar Gallactica (it's actually a decent show..not at all like its cheesy 70s counterpart). Putting more content on iTunes would further this trend, allowing consumers like me to pick and choose which shows to watch and when (How awesome would it be to watch a couple episodes of your favorite show while on a long flight?...answer-quite awesome. So, I am hopeful, but will take a wait and see approach.

Of course networks and advertisers are probably petrified by the implications of all this and will take a defense approach (ala the record companies) in trying to suppress and control their content. It will be futile. They should recognize the potential of the new medium, embrace it and adapt or go they way of AT&T....

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