Tuesday, November 01, 2005


8 Days...

Left of office time for November!

Oh hurray! I just realized that I have only eight days of office time left this month! I have two business trips (Spokane and Boca Raton), then in just 20 short days, I'm jetting off to a fall vacation in CHINA!

I'm starting to get excited about the China trip. My intinarary includes Beijing (Forbidden City, Great Wall), Xi'an (Terra Cotta Army) and Shanghai (Mag-lev train, The Bund, Shopping). Of course I am not looking forward to the twenty or so hour flight (DC-Detroit-Tokyo-Beijing), but that's why I'm headed to the Dr. today to implement my Mr. T/A-Team travel philosophy...e.g. long trips are much better with pharmacutical assistance. Can you say Ambien and/or Xannax?

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