Tuesday, November 01, 2005


A Big, Ugly Fight...

Alito is Conservative (Shock!) and Likely to Be Confirmed

Well, here we go again. Bush's prospects look bright for the next month or so as he regresses to the mean (ooh a pun!) and returns to his old bag of tricks with throwing out a conservative supreme court nominee that will likely divide the country. Division is the one trick pony of the Bush Administration and I am growing weary of it.

My so far cursory review of Alito's opinions gives me some hope (allowing a Manger to be displayed as part of a larger holiday display on public property) but some trepidation (Upholding Pennsylvania spousal notification law on abortion). However, unlike Harriet Miers, he is apparently quite qualified for the bench and as a result, is likely to be confirmed despite the best efforts of the Democratic minority.

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