Monday, January 16, 2006



Anybody but Blunt

Well behind the scenes here in DC, calls are being placed, promises made and folks jockeying for position to assumer the 2nd most powerful post in the U.S. House of Representatives- Majority Leader. Reports (Mostly from Mr. Blunt) seem to indicate that Congressman Roy Blunt, who served as Delay's deputy, leads the horse race. Other candidates include Rep. Boehner of OH and Congressman Shadegg of AZ. Both Boehner and Shadegg would be preferable for Blunt. Here's why:

From what I know of Congressman Boehner, he generally epitomizes all the good elements of the 1994 GOP revolution. He's not a pork barrel spending, he's made his career on strong oversight of federal agencies, and he's not someone who's always shared the vision of Mr. Delay. In short, I think Boehner, and to a lesser extent Congressman Shadegg would both move the party back to its alleged focus on good government rather than the excesses of the current crop of so-called GOP leaders. Over the next week or two, we'll see an important message emerge from the GOP. That message is where they (at least in the House) are going to stake their future. With Blunt it is more of the same excesses of power and spending, Boehner and Shadegg seem to offer a more libertarian-break with the past approach. I'm so hoping for the later and so expecting the former.

The Hill has the whip count...

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