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Clues I Caught Last Night

Ok for the record, Lost is the show I love to hate. First off, I think they are pretty much making stuff up as they go along, and why hasn't Hurly or anyone else lost any weight after two months stranded on the island? Anyway, I watched it last night and picked up on two clues (or misinformation) in the story that I thought I'd share below, as I usually miss this stuff, but a couple of things caught my eye. (Highlight to read)

First, did anyone notice Locke shaking a book? Did you see what book it was? It was An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge. A story about a guy that's about to be hung during the civil war. The whole story is an illusion that takes place between the time the gallows door opens and the time the rope constricts around his neck killing him. (A great short story, probably second to Shirley Jackson's the Lottery).

Second, when Siad and Hurley are listening to the short wave radio, it is playing the Glen Miller Orchestra.
Glen Miller disappeared when his plane went down during WWII tour. Coincidence? Probably not, but me thinks that this is all probably red herring stuff as many viewers have speculated that everyone on the island is already dead. But regardless, I'm happy I was able to be these two very obvious clues together.

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