Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Oh My!

New DC Stadium Could Push X-Rated Businesses Into Ward 5

Can you guess which ward I live in? Yes Ward 5!

Seems that my neighborhood listserve is abuzz with reports that many of the businesses that will be displaced by the new baseball stadium may consider moving into the North Eastern Quadrant of DC, most likely to Ward Five.

How nice! I've been hoping more businesses would move up into the up and coming old neighborhood where I've invested a small fortune in a restored house. Of course I was thinking Starbucks and such, but I guess that a all-male strip clubs, message parlors and slacker teen dance halls will add to the ambiance of the 'hood. Of course I am sure this is in no way realted to my neighborhoods recent rejection of the city's efforts to make us a historic district, 'cause they'd never do something like that would they?

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