Friday, February 03, 2006


The Exile Continues

This isn't Republicanism...

I begin my weekend a bit angry, but mostly just sad. This weeks National Journal has a detailed and troubling account of the Guantanomo situation (short summary- It's not good) and then we had the unfolding of the cartoon wars both here in DC and in Europe.

First, the faux rage over the Tom Toles cartoon that poked fun of Rumsfeld. The cartoon, featured here, used a limbless Iraqi War Vet to make a point. The government's reaction? The Joint Chiefs of Staff (The highest military authority in this country) directly contacted the artist to condemn his work and pressure the paper to apologize. And if that wasn't chilling enough...

Today the State Department took the side of Islamic Fundamentalists in the ongoing cartoon wars in Europe. More on that here. WTF? Does that mean my "Buddy Jesus" T-shirt is now illegal? Do I have to check with the government before I make any sort of comment on any religion? There is a word for this kind of statement: Appeasement.

What's more disturbing is the near total alignment in the blogosphere on the side of freedom of the press on this issue. Disturbing because if you asked me, I don't think I could ever find an issue that brings together the following bloggers:

Andrew Sullivan
Michelle Malkin
John Averos/Americablog
Little Greenfootballs

Each of these blogs has a unique philosophical/political bent...but on this issue they all speak as one....Basically, what an embarrassing and dreadful mistake our government has just made. (Sadly, one of may I might add).

What's interesting is that Donkey, Midgie and I have had long conversations about the growing power of the extreme, religiously fanatical right in this country (who I might add do not speak for a majority of Christians in this country). Anyway, the question was, if our rights and liberties started to erode in this country, to the hyperbolic point of becoming a Margaret Attwood/George Orwell/Sinclair Lewis type country...what would be the signs..when would you know it was time to take up 'arms' (so to speak) or to just plain leave? I think I've just witnesses the first significant indicator.

The sad part is that this comes just days after Bush eloquently talked about the creative vitality of the United States and how we should treasure and protect it, even add to it by opening our trade and borders to those who want to share in that dream. His actions belie this statement. And of course, the only rule that's worked for me in politics is "Pay attention to nothing that politicians say, just what they do."

Here's to hoping the more widely read blogs work to create a blog storm on this issue. In the mean time, I ponder the future of our Republic and mourn the current shame that is our government. Finally, something I thought I'd never do...I stand by Michelle Malkin's statement: "People of Europe, the State Department does not speak for me, or most other Americans."

Or as a reader on Instapundit put it: "Did I miss the State Department analysis of Piss Christ?"

(NOTE: Blogging from my Mac, so links aren't easy to do, I trust that you all can find the websites discussed)

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