Thursday, February 02, 2006


New New Orleans?

Maybe Not

Do we need yet another argument against big government? I don't think so, but perhaps this is one, or maybe it's just a sad story. I've had two interesting conversations lately with folks here in DC about NOLA. Neither was very positive.

First, I was talking with Donkey. His firm wanted to support NOLA by having a meeting of his firms CEO's and such in NOLA this year. In all a meeting for about 200 people. Unfortunately, the hotels and facilities in NOLA could not handle this size of a group.

Next, I was talking with the meeting director of a trade group that has a monstrous show. (It's so big that only three cities can host it: Orlando, Vegas, and NOLA) They did a site visit to NOLA for a meeting that they are planning a year from this April (2007!). Sadly, she reported that the city is still pretty shabby. The downtown is ok, although she did say the even some of the large downtown hotels are still missing windows and such. But it looks like they will have to move the 2007 show too.

The Boston Globe has more here.

Of course this probably makes Detroit perk up a NOLA now takes the title of most post apocalyptic city in America.

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