Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I had the craziest dream, last night

Yes I did...

Ok, I totally forgot to post anything today. I didn't sleep well last night due to a very bizarre dream, which if any of you dear readers try to analyze you'll just come to the inevitable conclusion that I am in fact, plain crazy.

So here's the deal. In my dream I was on vacation or for some reason at some sort of resort at the beach or on a lake. I was staying in a condo that was part of a larger development, only the condo building I was staying in looked as if it was just built and kind of wedged into the existing buildings and landscape. Anyway, there was a whole bunch of ravers at this little resort and most of them were on "X" or some other type of drug. Anytime I had to go somewhere at the resort, I would get delayed as I would run into all these folks who were like "We love you man..." and "No, really how are you?". The only problem was, that they were all tweaked and ham handed and if any of them touched me, I got a nasty contact buzz.

So, for some reason I'm off to meet with an old friend (in my dream it was "The Crow") and her entourage. A bunch of sweaty X'ed out slackers come up and are all like "Dude..." It was funny. But they were all trippy and stuff so they grabbed my shoulder for support. After I ditch them I get all trippy myself (contact buzz) and fall into the lake..but I can't drown because the lake is more like a big blue bean bag/moon bounce and I just have to kind of 'go with the flo' until the buzz passes. It was pretty cool.

So anyway, the buzz wears off and I find myself on these planks over a small pond with what appears to be killer cat fish/walleye swimming around. The Walleye shoot poison and I have to gingerly step across the planks to get to the other side. (I'm thinking this is the result of my recent mini-obsession with some marble madness like game on my iBook)...I make and try to work my way back to the condo, but the whole resort has kind of morphed into a surreal version of my old summer camp "Camp Dagget" and I'm no longer going to meet up with the "Crow" but rather a person who, as best as I can remember, is sort of a composite of many of the people I hang out with in real life.

Anyway, the stoned slackers are still around, but I seem more adept at avoiding them. I make it to the condo to meet with the composite person..just as we are about to start talking the fire alarm goes off...it is actually my alarm clock. Weird

Of course I knew that those after school specials about "Angel Dust/Angel Death" and Nancy Reagan and her "Chemical People"and William S. Burroughs books would someday come back to haunt me. But for the first few hours this morning, I reveled in the general surrealness/trippy-ness of it all...

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