Friday, January 27, 2006



Or...another reason not to fly Southwest...

The cattle call seating, the trying-to-be-cute-but-being-annoying flight attendants and now this...

Well, now, the jig is up for Kenny, thanks to Paula Jackson. The Southwest Airlines flight attendant, age 47, announced to a plane load of people last week that she had been Chesney’s lover for 10 years before he met and married Zellweger.

Um..Paula..that's real nice for you, but if I really don't care who you're humping this week, just get me my damned diet coke and a bag of pretzels. Seriously, is this professional? I'm thinking no...Does Southwest support having its flight attendants blather about celibrities they've shagged during the preflight safety talk? and of course, quoting Helen Lovejoy.."What about the children?"....

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