Tuesday, January 24, 2006



Sun, Fun and Bea Arthur...

I'm back. Actually I got back yesterday, but I flew in on the red-eye and came straight to the office and I was a bit...well, red-eyed, so I didn't post. But boy what a fun trip! The sun and surf made a nice break from the cold-ish and dreary DC.

The goal of the whole trip of course was to just kick back and visit with Midgie. But we managed to get some fun in as well. Friday we hung out and took a drive up to Malibu for a nosh at Neptune's Net.

Saturday we biked along the shore from Santa Monica through Venice (Oddly, Venice Beach reminds me of Phom Penh Cambodia). Of course I bought some T-shirts in Venice. (You can buy three things in Venice - T-shirts, Bongs and Dried Sage)

Sunday we went to a nice, simple hike up in Malibu Creek State Park. Nice because the trail we took wound its way up to the site where they used to film the outdoor scenes from the TV show M*A*S*H. In fact, even though that show's been off TV for some twenty plus years, an abandoned jeep and army ambulance from the show. The helicopter pad is still there too.

Finally, this is the BIG NEWS. Midgie saw Bea Arthur at pavilions (a grocery store near her flat). I did license the story from her so I could claim that I saw Bea Arthur, but with a sighting of such significance, it's best probably to tell it like it is. Besides, I never see any celebs when I'm in LA...unless you count the time I saw Bob Sagget...but I don't count that either.

A nice break and a good time...

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