Monday, January 16, 2006


Iran to World....

"Please, Please invade us."

Things just keep going down hill with everyone's favorite fundamentalist state-Iran. Their newish leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad not only is threatening to create a world oil crisis, but also to convene a scientific summit to debunk the Holocaust. It just goes to show us that you really can't trust a person who's official attire amounts to a plaid shirt and a members only jacket.

But seriously, can the world really allow Iran to become a nuclear power? It's clear with the U.S. engaged (winning, bogged down, whatever..) in Iraq that we don't (despite our military spending and defense posture) have the men and equipment to handle Iraq and Iran at the same time. This may play out to the West's advantage as any sanctions or military options (blockade, surgical strikes, etc.) would have to be the result of a broad consensus among our allies (Europe) and friendly competitors (China, Russia). Such a consensus would be difficult to cobble together (probably exceeding Bush/Rice's capabilities) but certainly, if forged would create an incredibly difficult situation for the mullahs in Iran. And anything that makes their lives difficult is fine by me.

Meanwhile in North Korea...

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