Monday, January 16, 2006


Washington Gas

The Saga Continues...

Things can only get better, that's what I say (or that's what Howard Jones said in the 80s and I just shameless stole). But anyway, the corporate consciousness at Washington Gas has finally realized that replacing my gas line might be less expensive than sending crews out to my house to restore service on a daily basis. Somehow, they've assigned me Mr. D. Mr. D is a supervisor on the repair crew and he's personally taken on my cause as his own..he rocks the house.

My gas went out twice over the weekend, brining our running total to 11 times I've been without heat in the last three weeks. On Friday, Mr. D showed up with some good news. Tomorrow, WG will be replacing my gas main with a new hook up. This should eliminate the problem. Until that happens, WG will be sending over a crew to the house in the AM and PM to check on the service each day. Hurray!

It is also comforting to know that after 11 repair crew runs, no matter how much I pay for my natural gas this winter, WG will not be making any profit off of me....

I should also note that the City of DC was instrumental in helping me with this issue. (Shocking, I know!). The public service commission, in charge of protecting consumers on utility matters, has been working the phones on my behalf for the last couple of weeks. It certainly helped the situation and it's nice to know that in a city with so many disfunctional agencies, there are gems of people like KN at the PSC to help me out.

So, perhaps this drama will be over tomorrow...I hope so, but if not I'll just complain to you all about it.

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