Tuesday, January 17, 2006


The Changing Blogosphere

What do I read now?

Boy, it's been a strange new year in terms of the blogs I like. First, Wonkette's Anna Marie Cox 'retired' and seems to have been replaced by the blog equivalent of unisom...Eric Peiffer. Eric's headlines are getting a little more racey this week, but oh do I miss the inuendo and turn of a phrase the Ms. Cox could churn out like White House interns under Clinton. It's not the same..and not funny anymore. In fact, it's almost as boring as Elephant.

Independent thinker and conservative blogger Andrew Sullivan seems to have 1) sold out to news-rag time and 2) Lost focus. Over the holidays readers were treated to a boring treatise on zygotes and the right to life....Andrew's been one of the most articulate voices in critiquing the lack of conservative principles of the Administration, but too much latetly he's gone off into areas that are unique to his personal philisophical struggle, which aren't of any interest to me.

I don't know why I read Instapundit, perhaps I have some secret nerd affinity with him as there's some sci-fi discussion on his blog. But as you could tell from his post yesterday, he's trending flip and is too often an appologist for the Administration. His work in promoting Porkbusters is admirable, but that's about it. Lest we forget for us partisans that it is the principle, not the politician. So, I'm drifting away from this blog as well.

On the left, I sometimes try to get a handle on their throught process throught John Aravosis, the antithesis of Andrew Sullivan. He occasionally does a good job on civil rights and scandals. Daily Kos is pretty productive and popular as well, but he's so far left it's sometimes like reading Chinese. Neither embraces the philosophy of the DLC (Clinton Dems) which if you asked me is the key to winning races...but of course no one asked me.

Even my lofty aspirations has fallen short of there mark in the past few months. A blogging maliase if you will - blogaise?! But, lacking inspiration from others, perhaps I can aspire to write what I want to read, what is missing from the blogoshpere at this point. Perhaps... I'm working on budgeting time in the first quarter of the year to work on setting up a blog independent of blogger, one where I can control more the of the look and feel of the blog and share more things with you....travel photography, video clips and such. I purchased the deliciously slick new iLife software this weekend and will sit down and figure it out at some point. That would be nice, wouldn't it...and needed in a blogosphere that's fast becoming the computer equivalent of VH-1.

We shall see.

Andrew Sullivan just posted some reader reactions to his new "look" and I swear you wrote that first negative one. It sounds exactly like your writing- even down to the missellings! Hee.
Yes, I think I use the word-ish "Kinda" too much and as you know, I can't spell worth a damn...put I prefer to think of it as poetic license...

D'uh! that should have been 'but' not 'put'..oh the irony..
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