Friday, January 27, 2006



Job Candidates

Interviewing people today for a marketing position within my firm. Marketing types are funny as they are all edumacated to be good communicators (or as I say...You shur talk purty). Of course many say the first marketer was of course Satan..(Apples are sooo yummy! Try it) really, marketing may actually be the oldest profession. Yet I digress. None of these candidates will be a direct report to me, but their role in packaging and branding my office's 'product' will be crucial. For all practical purposes, I oversee the product side of my firm...thus, the person hired for this position will need to be able to work with my 'people'.

So, I'm reviewing a stack of resumes of people coming in today for round 2 (hopefully the last round). In reviewing one candidate's papers I found this gem of a sentence:

I believe what makes me the strongest candidate is my overall marketing background, coupled with my segmentation experience and my ability to overlay the social norming aspect of the brand message.

I have only one response this....Sweet!

Finally, as I sit in my office trying to leverage the nascent synergies to maximize member efficacy, I'll have someone who can help me overlay the social norming aspect of the brand message. Thank God!

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