Thursday, April 13, 2006


Charley the Puggle....

Has Been Kidnapped!

Sad news from DC. My neighbor's dog Charley the Puggle has been kidnapped. Charley is a laugh riot, he's always out and about when I'm working the back yard and follows me along the fence line. From time to time he'll even bring his toys over so we can play. He's too cute.

Sadly, sometime late last week, someone snatched him out of the yard. He's gone missing! Sadder still are reports that there are theives working the area to steal dogs to use in dog fights, that is a thought I cannot even contemplate knowing Charley's sweet and affable nature.

So, think positive and be on the lookout for a cute dog who's ears perk up when you shout.."Charles!"....

More on Puggles here...

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