Friday, April 07, 2006


Weekend Reading

Brave New World Edition:

Alpha's work so hard, I'm so glad I'm a Beta. On this rainy Friday in the nation's capitol, what better way to kick off the weekend then by taking a positive look at the future. Granted because of Massachusetts we will all be in gay marriages, but at least we'll have someone to watch baseball with. So with that, here is your weekend reading...

Never mind the mutt, how about a pugahuahua?
Where the word "mutt" once sufficed, pop-culture aficionados and dog-lovers alike are uttering "labradoodle" and "snorkie" and "puggle."
(My new favorite word - Labradoole!)

Viruses 'trained' to build tiny batteries

Researchers trying to make tiny machines have turned to the power of nature, engineering a virus to attract metals and then using it to build minute wires for microscopic batteries.

Work to begin on maglev between Shanghai and Hangzhou

I really wish this headline read, "Work begins on Maglev between DC-NYC, but alas...

Flying Car?
The best and the brightest are still working on it. Hurry Up!

Epochal fossils found, filling water-to-land evolutionary gap

Or so the scientists would have us believe! Everyone knows that the earth and all life on it is only about 25 minutes old and exists solely on a piece of alphabits floating in a cereal bowl in a small town on the planet Roygbiv which is populated by a race called the Nestursums. (Or so Tom Cruise tells me.)

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