Monday, August 21, 2006


R.I.P. - G.O.P.

You know they've jumped the shark when...

I haven't blogged much about politics for a while and for good reason. There isn't much good news to report. At the federal level, I see the current republican majority as an utter failure. A failure so embarrassing that I'm bracing myself for...(It's so hard to say)..."Speaker Pelosi". Just about everyone else I know, from my brothers back in the Midwest, to cabdrivers and even so-called true believers are now lining up against the President and his long string of failures.

But you know that conventional wisdom has turned, or the paradigm has shifted when you get Senators from the GOP denouncing the last six years. Senators are never on the cutting edge of anything, so by the time it gets to their lips, it is so true it is a cliche. Worse for Bush and Co. is the fact the the unimaginative talking head and former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough does a video segment saying you're dumb.

Of course the bigger question is, what comes next? I don't see any leadership in the wings of either party. So, I've been left to quietly ponder the future.

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