Thursday, August 10, 2006



Blowing up planes...that's a new one...

Terrorists never seem to learn do they?

This alleged new plot to blow up planes just reconfirms that Islamic radicals** (and it is usually Islamic radicals as opposed to let's say Quaker radicals, amish radicals or a violent offshoot of the salvation army) have no capacity for original thought. So now, thanks again to these fundamentalists/terrorist plots, I cannot (for now) travel with my hair gel, dooming me to a fate of looking like Cynthia McKinney while I'm on the road. Gee, I'll start growing my beard now and converting...the vision you all paint of a pan Islamic paradise seems so wonderful. Do they even realize how much they are harming their brand?

(**or if you so inclined (or Mel Gibson) replace Islamic radicals with "US government agents led by the world Jewish conspiracy"...)

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