Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Mind the GAP

Longing for Grey V-Neck Sweaters

One of the great things about my new job is that it is 100% casual. So, unless I have to cab up to the Capitol, I can dress down. Yes, this is common in most cities, but here in Nerdsville people dress up and some men even wear bow ties. Anyway as my wardrobe consists mainly of suits and or jeans and kitschy t-shirts, I needed to stock up on business casual clothes. So I popped into the GAP. What I found was a bunch of crappy looking faux-rockin' t-shirts for $48 (the kind you could get at Target for $9.99) and a bunch of stripey button down shirts that were so-2004.
I even told Donkey that it was shocking...people go to GAP for plainish, solid, traditional clothes...stuff I haven't seen on their selves in sometime.

Funny this article is in the headlines today. I disagree that the GAP needs to cater to the teeney-boppers...stick with what you know a do it well.

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