Thursday, April 12, 2007


Passenger Bill of Rights

Government vs. Airlines?

Wow, it's sort of like choosing between Imus and Sharton. Two undesirable outcomes.

Passenger advocates are pushing for a so-called "Passenger Bill of Rights" getting the government more involved in airline business decisions. U.S. based airlines, with their horrendous service are on the other side. Can't say I sympathize with the generally poor service you get on airlines these days (but flying is so inexpensive) and I really think it is unexcuseable for an airline to keep passengers on the runway for 9 hours.

The only thing worse than the status quo would be greater government intervention. As a consumer I have the ultimate "Bill of Rights", I can choose not to fly Jetblue or whom ever has the worst service...that is the best way to get things turned around.

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