Monday, April 23, 2007


She's got a point.

The Media and VT

Ever notice how quick the media elites are to jump on us common folk? The VT shootings are a prime example. Even before the ambulances have finished moving the injured and killed, they start the arm waiving on how the 2nd Amendment is the root of all evil and that the rights and responsibilities if affords us as citizens are ones we can't be trusted with.

Megan McArdle gets it about right in sub'ing for Andrew Sullivan.

"[Megan] In the wake of the Virginia tech murders, there has been a lot of editorialising about gun control and mental health interventions. But I haven't found a single editorial addressing one factor we know creates these mass murders: reporting on the mass murders."

I couldn't agree more. What the shooter wanted was the media infamy and NBC gave it to him on a silver platter. NBC's quest for ratings trumped any responsibility to the public they may have under the first amendment, and just a few days later we get another shooter in Houston. So we get a lenghty discussion on curbing my and millions of others liberty without any discussion on how NBC's self restrain could help prevent future shooting sprees.

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