Thursday, June 10, 2004


A Proper Tribute to Ronald Reagan

With the flood of emotions and non-stop TV coverage of the passing of President Reagan there's been a multitude of proposals to name just about everything in his honor or at least put his face on everything. I have a better idea....

The Ronald Reagan Fiscal Responsibility Resolution of 2004

Whereas Ronald Reagan gave American's renewed faith in their country and painted a picture of a "Shining City on the Hill"

Whereas the conservative principles championed by Ronald Reagan called for smaller, more accountable government

Whereas the current deficit spending by the government threatens the President Reagan's vision of a vibrant, strong America

It is Resolved that the Congress of the United States does hereby pledge to return to the principles of accountable government and to eliminate the federal deficit by 2011, the one-hundredth anniversary of President Reagan's Birth.

But of course, doing the above would require accountability and vision. Better just go with the easy symbolism of putting his face on the dime, the ten or twenty dollar bill...

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